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(...) STAY: The retro-chic Orange Hotel is kitsch , quirky and colourful. True to its name, there’s enough orange to warrant shades.(...)
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In the very popular Prati neighborhood, exactly halfway between Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican, this bold little hotel is unique.  The entrance may disconcert , being set into an ensemble of buildings occupied by banks. As for the actual hotel, it is lodged in a former police station. A boutique hotel with high design values, the Orange is also very green, but refuses to sacrifice fashion to nature. Owner …
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A place where classical and contemporary  mix to create a new style and the result is ahotel of great character, a valid example of boutique hotel.
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A Natural Chic Hotel? “Natural” means that here they try to respect nature with solar panel to heat the water, And “Chic”? we say instead Trendy, in fact the name Orange Hotel tell the truth. Orange is the dominant color, from the lights in the bathroom to the sofa, ending in a Vespa that characterize the smart lobby… So pop!! Beautiful the design rooms, comfortable and original. …
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